Latest news (updated Sept 28 2020)


A lot of news for September


My first film out for YARMONICS festival

Elsewheres is a film about movement and stasis. It comes out of the quarantine lockdown in London, and examines the spaces we make and travel to when we cannot move.






























































Made for the quarantine festival Amplify2020. Please visit their site to find a massive range of very interesting works made in this period:


I made this piece because I started thinking about piped crowd noise at sporting events, and how widespread this had become during the pandemic. As I delved into this area I noticed there were many different types of sound streams that people were turning to as a source of comfort during this period. This work uses geophone recordings of city structures vibrating in response to footfalls and traffic, and samples four long youtube streams, one of a road, one of the streetscape of New York, one of bar chatter, and one of crowd chants at a football match. All the spoken material are comments left on these or similar long background noise youtube streams during the pandemic, and these are read by many different individuals, who are thanked below. I like how surprised and honest people are about how comforting they have found listening to these different types of background noise, and it is very moving to think that around the world many are cocooning themselves in sound in order to feel a little bit better, to pretend things are a bit more normal than they are, or to simply fall asleep.

Made in London and Pembrokeshire, Sept 2020.


Voices read by and special thanks to: Sam Worrad, Alisa Oleva, Dan Whiting, Lawrence English, Peter Hollo, The Doll, Toby Whiltshire, Sally Anne McIntrye, David Gutman, Brian Fuata, Julie Groves, Jack Chuter, Louise Marshall, Elaine Howley, Robert Vodanovic Copor, Liz Helman, Teresa Barozzo, Belinda Johnson, Jimmie Peggie, Paul Capewell, Manja Ristic, Josephine Dickinson, Campbell Walker, Matt from The Leaf Library, Jamie Perera, Laurent Ligavant.Thierry Nedelec, Valerie Vivancos.


released September 18, 2020





































Collaboration with Sheryl Cheung


Cycling is enjoying a surge in popularity in these pandemic days, and this collaboration examines some of the linkages and soundscapes this boom has entailed. It stems from an online residency hosted by Iklectik in London and Lacking Sound festival in Taipei, which brought together UK and Taiwanese artists to explore quarantine in May of 2020. With Taiwan one of the world's major producers of bikes, and Londoners forced onto waiting lists to purchase one Kate Carr and Sheryl Cheung decided to examine their respective cities of London, and Taipei through the prism of the bicycle. This piece explores the bicycle as a musical instrument, as well as an object which can somehow speak to this particular moment with the pandemic. It offers a glimpse of our real and imagined cycling soundscapes as we are plunged into, and attempt to escape the 'new normal'.

released September 3, 2020





































"Splinters as a composition has a dream like quality, dark and enigmatic. Electronic noise colours the drone and bubbling soundscapes of a somewhere. Repeating musical phrases mix with recognisable sounds from life - a spoken utterance, a rumbling train. As a listener you drift with the current through misty scenes, on a journey down a river towards some marshland on the edge of an urban sprawl." Mat Jenner, TACO! director..


Splinters includes audio samples from concerts and exhibitions held at TACO! Featuring material from live sets by Liz Helman, Tom White, Rebecca Lennon, Pouya Ehsaei, Jonathan Higgins and Hannah Dargavel-Leafe, and audio material from the exhibitions Scratch! by George Barber, and Heavy View by Laura Yuile.




























During July I have been taking part in the Inland Residency with London and Taipei-based artists  Lai Tsung Yun, My Panda Shall Fly, Yeh Ting Hao, Avsluta, Sheryl Cheung.

To close the residency I performed a work with my bicycle.


'Pedalling' by Kate Carr

For INLAND I've been looking at the boom in demand for bicycles which has come with the pandemic. With Taiwan one of the world's major producers of bikes, I discovered there are many links between London and Taipei forged through the manufacture of bikes, and bike parts. By pure coincidence my own bike is produced by the Taiwanese firm Giant, the world's biggest bicycle manufacturer and I have been exploring it as an object and an instrument which can speak somehow to this particular moment with the pandemic. This work contains contact mic, geophone and conventional recordings of my bicycle being ridden and 'played'.  It also contains field recordings of the streetscape in London and Taipei, with the Taipei recording taken by Sheryl Cheung.





































I have also made a new work for AMPLIFY 2020 a quarantine festival which was written up by Alex Ross in The New Yorker!




The last episodes of Interiorities, my radio show for RTM exploring creative sound practice during lockdown, aired in June .