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July  2018


July 25 - I play Encounters at Cafe Oto with Sharon Gal and Lee Patterson



About the event:


An international line-up of respected sound artists, vocal performers, and experimental field recordists who, for tonight's event, will explore birds and their song through live performances ranging from documentation in the field through to phonetic evocations and beyond into abstraction and the realm of the “avian speculative.”


This event is a collaboration between Helen Frosi and Sharon Gal.


EnCOUnTErs is a series of inter-disciplinary events that reside at the intersection between inter- and intra-species encounter and the sonic imagination. Events direct attention to curiosity, the speculative as well as the scientific, and to notions of multiplicity of being, experience and philosophy surveying creative and research-based practices that reference aspects of ecology, ethology and other creature-ologies, bioart and bioacoustics, sound/scape studies, zoömusicology, ethnobotany, critical plant studies, and related fields.

EnCOUnTErs is curated by Helen Frosi (SoundFjord).




I am also currently doing a residency at TACO! in Thamesmead ahead of an exhibition early 2019.





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Cafe Oto, London film set March 2018