Latest news (updated August 2020)


Upcoming: Sept 2020 I am making a film for Yarmonics festival!


Some quite big news for me, as I have a new record out Sept 3.





































For the month of July I have been taking part in the Inland Residency with London and Taipei-based artists  Lai Tsung Yun, My Panda Shall Fly, Yeh Ting Hao, Avsluta, Sheryl Cheung.

To close the residency I performed a work with my bicycle.


'Pedalling' by Kate Carr

For INLAND I've been looking at the boom in demand for bicycles which has come with the pandemic. With Taiwan one of the world's major producers of bikes, I discovered there are many links between London and Taipei forged through the manufacture of bikes, and bike parts. By pure coincidence my own bike is produced by the Taiwanese firm Giant, the world's biggest bicycle manufacturer and I have been exploring it as an object and an instrument which can speak somehow to this particular moment with the pandemic. This work contains contact mic, geophone and conventional recordings of my bicycle being ridden and 'played'.  It also contains field recordings of the streetscape in London and Taipei, with the Taipei recording taken by Sheryl Cheung.





























I have also made a new work for AMPLIFY 2020 a quarantine festival which was written up by Alex Ross in The New Yorker!







































The last episodes of Interiorities, my radio show for RTM exploring creative sound practice during lockdown, aired in June .