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November 2017

I have a new sonic transect cassette out on Flaming Pines!



June 2017

I have a gig as part of the Climate Symphony event on June 17 at Toynbee Studios at 7.30pm. Flyer below.













































May 2017

Quite a lot of news again. Mainly I have a new tape out via Helen Scarsdale which you can find here.

I also made a new clip for it which is below.































I also performed at Sound Camp /Reveil for International Dawn Chorus Day, and I made a new piece after spending some amazing days exploring London's Docklands. The video is below.






























February 2017:

Played a gig at the Horse Hospital for Caught By The River on Monday 27th, and had a chat with BBC Radio 3's Nick Luscombe.

A short excerpt from the gig including the film I made for it is below:































October 2016:

In October I was in Iceland coordinating the North Wind festival in Olafsfjordur + Akureyri. Probably the highlight was playing a gig on the decks on a herring trawler at the wonderful Herring Era Museum. A huge thanks to Anita for having us all to play.


September 2016:


A very big month culminating in my Cafe Oto gig. The film I used for that gig, and an approximate version of the set I played is on vimeo below:






























I also played at the Space Textures event in Riga, Latvia and The Goodlife Festival in Wales.



August 2016:

The biggest news is that my album I had myself a nuclear spring, originally released via USB on Flaming Pines has had a major upgrade and is being put out on vinyl and CD via the Caught By the River label Rivertones.

It is out August 26 and you can get it here:





























I have also made a video clip for Flicker, Flow from the album


This track was featured in the latest wiretapper with the Wire Magazine here


I've done a new podcast for Shimmering Moods celebrating the last five years of Flaming Pines which you can listen to below.




































And coming up in October I will be running a small sound art festival in northern Iceland.



February 2016:

I have two new EPs out in the last few months. I had myself a nuclear spring on my own label Flaming Pines. This is a USB release exploring the sonics of temporary wetlands surrounding the nuclear power complex in Marnay-sur-Seine, and shipping at the end of the month: It was a time of laboured metaphors a tape release on the US-label Helen Scarsdale.


I also did a broadcast for Framework radio exploring sonic transects in Belfast, Mexico (Tulum) and Velez Blanco in Spain. Listen here


And a podcast for the Netherlands imprint Shimmering Moods which is here


October 2015:

Has been a while between updates! Some big new news: I was lucky enough to be picked for the inaugral Biospheres soundscape project in Sian Ka'an in southern Mexico. So I head off there next month. My little suite of field recordings from Olafsjordour, Iceland have been getting a fair bit of attention which is nice. The wonderful Fluid Radio got in touch about them, and I've written a small introduction to them, and a small sound piece here. Some more awesome news is that my Doi Saket soundmap has been translated into Thai, which is of course only fitting. In news with my label, there is a wonderful new series looking at sonic portraits of obscure places, which so far features pieces by Sound Awakener, Siavash Amini, Zenjungle and Yuco. This can be viewed by an absolutely terrific website programmed an designed by Arash Akbari.

 Finally, I've got a new EP to be released on memory stick called 'I had myself a nuclear spring' coming very soon!



June 2015:

The last two months have been pretty busy with residencies in Iceland and field recording work in Scotland. I have a sound diary of Iceland here, and also the wonderful A Closer Listen just published a very long interview with me as part of their Sound Propositions series. Thanks ACL and Joseph Sannicandro. Also Tobias Fischer and Lara Cory have just published their book Animal Music to which I contributed some writing.


April 2015:


My latest album Fabulations scored a review from The Wire magazine. Jim Haynes had this to say:


“Fabulations ripples with a liquid sadness. A Proustian ghostliness evanesces on tracks such as 'I remembered it all somewhere near Glasgow' , through a heartbreaking strum on her guitar, and traces of the landscape windswept through a softening blur of delay and decay. Beautifully done.” THE WIRE MAGAZINE.


Fabulations sold out a while ago but there are now a few CD copies on my bandcamp page as I did a little repress.


Also I'm just back from France + Spain, with some snippets of field recordings over on soundcloud