My main project at the moment is the Tiny Portraits mapping and three inch single series hosted by my label here.


So far this project has contributions from 24 artists: Zenjungle (Greece), Siavash Amini (Iran), Sound Awakener (Vietnam), Yuco (Japan), Gamardah Fungus (Ukraine), Sound Meccano + Jura Laiva (Latvia), Foresteppe (Russia), Peter Terner (Hungary), Jacqueline George (Egypt), aag (Mexico), 9T Antiope (Iran/France), Josten Myburgh (Australia), Tobias Hellkvist (Sweden), Dag Rosenqvist (Sweden), Peter Olsen (Sweden), Isnaj Dui (UK) Luca Nasciuti (Italy/UK), Michael Trommer (Canada), Leo Okagawa (Japan), Ulf. A.S.Holbook (Norway), Xu (Italy), Cody Yantis (USA)  + me.


 who have responded to the brief below:


Sound and place are two terms often thrown together, but what actually connects the two? Sure places sound differently, or may shape the sounds that enter them in particular ways but in what ways is sound actually able to capture and convey place? Is place something to be captured at all?


In Listening to Noise and Silence, Salomé Voeglin talks of soundscape compositions occupying a site 'between preservation and invention' – an attempt by the composer or field recordist to retain the essence of a site inevitability results via the processes of recording, composition and listening in the creation of somewhere new.


Tiny Portraits ask each participant to dwell on these connections and disconnections between sound and place, representation and invention by starting somewhere small, somewhere overlooked or obscure, and to interrogate this site using sound.


In listening to these pieces we ask you to bring only some stillness and imagination, as together we create new places, connections and silences out of these traces of forgotten and hidden sites.


Tiny Portraits has been exhibited as part of Transition a group show looking at place and migration currently touring Sweden and Belfast's Sonorities festival.

artworks for eight of the tiny portrait singles

My piece for Tiny Portraits based on two sites I visted in rural Sweden.